Family Recipes Cookbook

The cookbook I never got around to finishing…

Smashed Tarragon Potatoes 10/19/2013

In every household, current or past, there are staple sides. Those things you make without a recipe and almost without thinking as a complement to the main dish. Isn’t fancy and is rarely hard. Think about it, you know you have several. Or at least your mother did.

In our house growing up, one of those sides was parsley potatoes. Very simple: quarter red potatoes; boil; drain; mix with butter, parsley, salt, and pepper. Presto you have a side to steak, seafood, whatever. I loved those as a kid. I love potatoes (which are now my carb god send now that I have to severely restrict wheat).

So in college, in one of my first apartments with a real kitchen, I was making steak and wanted to make the parsley potatoes. It’s so simple there’s no way I needed to call my mom to get the recipe. So I cut the potatoes, boiled them, and drained them. Then as I was mixing in the butter I realized I had no parsley (dried, no one did fresh herbs back then). Hrrrmmm.

So I grabbed that which was green and seemed similar to parsley and dumped it in the potatoes. It was tarragon. And no, I put no more thought into it then it was green like parsley.


And so parsley potatoes have ever since been tarragon potatoes and I’ve wowed many a dinner guest in my house with them.

You don’t mash them, but in the course of mixing in the butter and tarragon they get a bit smashed.

Brussels Sprout Hash & Smashed Potatoes

Of late, as I’ve been incorporating more local/seasonal greens in the fare, I started mixing in hashed Brussels sprouts and/or baked kale (recipes to come). For the Brussels sprouts, Just make the potatoes as described above then slice/dice up some Brussels sprouts and sauté in butter or oil with salt/pepper or seasoning of choice (I prefer Colonel Lee’s). Then mix them up with the potatoes (tarragon and all).

Smashed Potatoes w/ Baked Kale

Make the potatoes (with or without the Brussels sprouts though I like them with) and throw some crumbled baked Kale into the potatoes.


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