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Vegetarian Mincemeat Pie 11/19/2009

Filed under: Adrienne DeArmas,Desserts — dearmasa @ 9:37 AM

2 9” pie crusts

1 ½ c. mixture of white and dark raisins

4 apples, peeled, cored, and chopped into raisin-size pieces

grated rind of one medium orange

juice of 1 orange

½ c. apple cider (not juice)

¾ c. brown sugar

½ tsp. cinnamon

½ tsp. cloves

¼ c. crushed Ritz crackers

2 tbs. brandy

2 tbs. butter

2 tbs. currants

Cook apples with raisins, orange juice, orange rind, and cider until soft over medium heat.

Remove from heat, stir in sugar, spices, crackers, brandy, butter, and currants.

Pour mixture into pie crust shell, top with second crust. Bake at 325F until crust is golden.


One Response to “Vegetarian Mincemeat Pie”

  1. dearmasa Says:

    What exactly is mincemeat, and does it contain actual meat? Yes and no. Originally, “minced meat” was a concoction of meat and fruit, preserved with spices and liquor. Apparently, According to The Horizon Cookbook and Illustrated History of Eating and Drinking through the Ages, Volume II (1968), given to me by either Kayla or Lib, Francis Bacon wrote, “Mincing of meat in pies saveth the grinding of the teeth.” In other words, not only did the recipe extend the life of perishable meat, it also provided an alternative to tough, cured, and rough-on-the-teeth meat products. Mincemeat pie, a Christmas-time staple by the 17th century, could be thought of as an early creative casserole! Today, the only meat contained in most mincemeat pies is lard or suet. Despite the name, the recipe here is vegetarian.

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