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Coq au vin Rouge 11/19/2009

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(Chicken in Wine or ‘Drunk Chicken’)

Cut up 2 chickens as for fricassee. Sponge them with a damp cloth and rub with mixed salt, black pepper, paprika, and a little nutmeg. Brown 8 ozs. salt pork, cut in finger-sized strips and 24 whole tiny white onions, peeled, in a shallow earthenware casserole large enough to hold the cut-up birds. Add the chicken pieces and brown them, turning frequently. Pour off the fat and remove the salt pork strips from the casserole. Add to the chicken and onions left in the casserole, 3 tbs. brandy, setting it aflame. When the flame has burned out, add 1 ¾ bottles good red Burgundy, 1 large lump sugar, 2 mashed cloves garlic, 12 whole small (fresh or canned) mushrooms, (if fresh, peeled and stemmed) and a bouquet garni consisting of 2 sprigs rosemary, and 1 large bay leaf, all tied together with kitchen thread. Cover and cook in a moderate oven 375F degrees until chicken is tender or for about 45 minutes. Remove the bouquet garni before serving in the casserole.


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    …as published in Recipes to Remember

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